BetMGM Breach: Customers’ Information at Risk

Sports betting operator, BetMGM, recently found itself in the middle of a scandal. The personal information of the company’s customers has been obtained in an unfortunate data breach.  

However, we still don’t know how many people have been affected by the breach. According to the company, the leaked information includes names, contact information, birth dates, social security numbers, account identifiers such as player ID and screen name, and other details that were connected to user profiles, such as transaction history.   

The necessary steps: 

As the company believes, the breach occurred in May 2022, but it was not caught until November 28th.  

There is something white in all that black – and here, it’s the fact that patron passwords and account funds do not appear to have been accessed by the unauthorized party. Also, the company’s online operations weren’t compromised.   

The investigation was launched as soon as the company discovered the problem, and leading security experts are working on the issue. The company promised to upgrade its security systems so that such a thing won’t happen again.  

Adam Greenblatt, Chief Executive Officer of BetMGM, said: “We recommend patrons remain alert for any unsolicited communications regarding their personal information and review their accounts for suspicious activity. We take our obligation to safeguard personal information very seriously and have arranged to offer affected patrons credit monitoring and identity restoration services for two years at no cost to them. The Reference Guides below provide information on steps you can take to protect your information.”  

The company provided all the necessary information regarding contact information so that users can ask questions and stay informed about their accounts.   

Also, users are encouraged to review their account statements and track their credit reports in case additional information was stolen.   

At the end of the statement, Greenblatt apologized for the inconvenience that the company’s patrons have and may continue to experience as a result of the breach.  

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Not the only breach: 

Just last month, on November 21st, DraftKings Inc, a famous sports-betting c ufa800 ompany, announced that they also had some security issues. The company reported that customer information had been compromised, leading to the falling of the company’s shares by 5% on the market.   

In this case, the customers’ funds were affected – but, as the company stated, the amount of affected funds is lesser than $300,000.   

What kind of impact will this breach have on BetMGM’s business? We expect to find out very soon.