Casino Guru Teams up with Scott Thomas to Raise Awareness for Problem Gambling

Casino Guru continues on its mission to create the safest possible environment for casino players globally with the company teaming with Scott Thomas, a TV personality known for his work on The Social PR and Food4Thoughts. Thomas is no stranger to gambling addiction and what it can do to consumer ufa888 s, and he talked about this during the Mancs on the Mic along with his brothers, Ryan and Adam Thomas.

Opening Up about Gambling Addiction Is the Way to Address the Problem

Scott recounted his own struggles with gambling and called it “a dark time” He told a story where a young man was gambling away his student loans and continuing to borrow money just to keep playing. Picketing the casino until it opened the next day and worst. But speaking during his podcast appearance, Scott quickly realized that he was not alone and received an overwhelming amount of feedback.

This is where Casino Guru decided to join and work with Scott on ensuring that more people can hear his story and be supported in their gambling addiction struggles. The new awareness campaign hosted by the world’s premier database of casinos and Scott’s inspiring story is designed to ensure that gambling is safer and better in the next decades. The campaign will appeal to younger adults as well as it is presented in a number of videos.

Casino Guru itself has embarked on several projects that reflect that commitment. The company recently revealed its Global Self-Exclusion Initiative and the Casino Guru Academy, both designed to improve the gambling environment and make it safer, sustainable, and reliable. Casino Guru is also coming out of a place of deep understanding.

Reading content on responsible gambling just doesn’t cut it and anyone who wishes to help younger generations must find an alternative. The team-up with Scott comes at an equally important time as 39% of Britons aged between 25 and 34 were said to be gamblers in 2020. Scott’s prominence with younger generations and his experience with gambling first-hand makes him a natural ally in trying to address the proliferation of unsafe gambling.

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Inspiring Others Not to Repeat Past Mistakes

The campaign launched with Scott had a huge pull on social media already, as the influencer’s Instagram account has close to 1 million followers. Both participants in the campaign hope that it may lead to some good examples and serve as an inspirational story to others who are willing to change their ways or seek adequate help if given a light but firm push. Scott welcomed his participation in the campaign and offered a few words:

“I’ve teamed up with Casino Guru to try and raise some awareness around this subject because clearly there’s a lot of people out there who are still struggling.”

Scott Thomas, a TV personality and influencer

He remained optimistic. Even if the campaign helped only one person, he would consider this a success. But through this new campaign, which features a series of videos, the pair are addressing other important issues of the overall gambling experience, such as how to recognize if someone has a gambling problem and how to approach them, and understandably – how to gamble responsibly.

Casino Guru public & external relations lead  Daniela Kianicová welcomed the opportunity and said that this is a first-of-a-kind campaign with a company operating in the gambling industry using the power of an influencer to communicate the risks of problem gambling to young adults. “We are very proud to have the honors,” Kianicová added.