Kwiff continues to further their Offerings with Custom Display Advertising from BannerNow Partnership

On Monday, February 7th, 2022 the exciting, tech – savvy, and super – charged sports betting service provider, kwiff, has partnered – up with the imaginative and resourceful display professionals in BannerNow in order to unveil their new progressive advertising strategy.

BannerNow’s dominant display tools should provide kwiff with the power and capabilities to convey exceedingly personalized and custom display content to their customers as well as riches777 timely appropriate content for their users.

This new advertising process will provide the impeccable pieces in order to generate ads, and it will utilize their Decision Tree component so that they can promote the desired content immediately to the correct audience dependent upon their recent past behaviors as well as the location of the audience.

kwiff’s data proficiency teams – up well with BannerNow’s display experience in order to push and encourage stronger engagement experiences, and in addition to that they can leverage their cherished and celebrated on – site advertising spot so that they can deliver the organization’s extraordinary safe – gambling stance and sports betting position.

Media Statements

Charles Lee, the CEO of kwiff, stated, “Joining forces with BannerNow lets us serve our users with the most engaging content at the ideal time. It also heightens our ability to strike a balance between elevating commercial incentives and, uniquely, using this tool to deliver player protection advice via the same method when a user might need it most. New iterations will be rolled out as the relationship develops which will help us to continue to create an unrivaled player experience.”

Kate Casian, the CMO of BannerNow, said, “Our solution empowers clients to deliver highly personalized content which has significant impact on increasing engagement and retention results. Working with kwiff has been very straightforward owing to its proprietary tech and we’re expecting great things from the partnership.”

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