Midnite Cuts Ties with Third-party That Produced Offending Ad

The United Kingdom’s media regulator has received and acted on a complaint targeted at Midnite, an esports betting agency operating in the UK market. According to the complaint, Midnite used paid advertisements on Facebook to push materials that could lead to compulsive gambling behavior.

ASA Asks Midnite to Take Down “Irresponsible Ad”

After careful deliberation, ASA found the complaint to have merit and the ad to be irresponsible on two counts. The ad pushed esports advertisement with the following statement: “Top tier eSports for UK games … Crazy odds Huge Wins Blitz payouts.” To compound matters, another part of the ad read: “I’m so hooked on CS:GO bets rn I’ve been making the craaaaaziest calls.”

The advertisement portrayed and encouraged a gambling experience that is socially irresponsible, ASA argued, analyzing the material, and posting details about the particular elements that the regulator found offensive.

The watchdog took issue with “making the craaaaaziest calls” and “hooked on CS:GO bets” as unacceptable and portraying gambling addiction in terms that do not suggest that the behavior is an issue, which it is. ASA stated:

“Because we considered that the ad condoned and encouraged betting in ways that could be financially, socially or emotionally harmful, by associating it with problem gambling, we concluded that the ad was irresponsible.”

ASADibble Media Steps up and Cuts Ties with Third-party Behind the Ad

Dribble Media, the company that owns Midnite, accepted the delivery of the verdict and explained that it had procured the services of a third-party company that had failed to live up to the standards that the company maintains at its core.

Dribble Media ensured that action has been taken and the part ssbet77 ner in question would no longer be used to carry out work on behalf of the firm. Midnite is a promising player in the esports betting market, backed by many industry players and founded by executives from GVC Holdings and Betfair.

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Midnite remains committed to delivering on a top-of-the-range betting product and has chosen to operate in the UK market, exploring its full potential and delivering a product that is still in its early days with a strong promise for the future.