New zombie themed virtual reality experience coming to MGM Grand

Gaming venues located in Las Vegas are opting for new variants of gambling in order to attract millennials. Skill-based games have taken the forefront as the latest additions to casinos in Sin City and now it seems a new first is coming to the area. The MGM Grand Hotel & Casino has planned to create a new virtual reality experience featuring zombies. The new experience will be located in a warehouse-sized facility and see gamers attempt to survive a zombie outbreak.

According to G3newswire, MGM Grand has signed a deal with Zero Latency, a developer of location-based virtual reality entertainment. On September 8th, the first multi-player free-roam virtual reality experience will launch inside the MGM’s new game lounge, LEVEL UP. The area provides enough space for eight individuals to roam around in an interactive digital universe. Players will physically move through the 2,000-square foot arena while working with others during challenges that are not for the faint of heart!

As far as game play goes, players can choose from three different gaming options, each lasting 30 minutes. In Zombie Survival, players are trapped in a zombie apocalypse situation. The undead are everywhere waiting to pounce. Players have their weapons and must work together to take out the zombies and rebuild safety barriers before they will be removed from the game by a rescue team.

Singularity is the second gaming option, in this experience players are located within a secret military research space station. Team members take on robots and killer drones while navigating the space station. The third game, Engineerium, is a puzzle style game. This option provides a fantasy world of sorts where players will see colorful creatures including flying whales. Players will have to solve problems that are physics-based as they move forward on floating platforms above the exotic planet.

The virtual reality experience is a one of a kind way in which to enjoy unique entertainment. Players are put in an open space with no barriers to their movement. Team members can then freely move about as they experience the virtual environment. Players lose themselves in the game as they wear wireless goggles and computers, not tethered to any technical devices. Players see each other as full-motion avatars 7BALL and can easily stay in communication to plan and compete during game play.

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Scott Sibella, COO and President of MGM Grand, commented on the new game by stating that MGM was looking to provide unique entertainment to the venue and found Zero Latency to be the perfect fit. Sibella pointed out that there is nothing like this in Las Vegas, Nevada and they are proud to be the first to roll out a ‘wow moment’ for visitors.