Plethora of unique Super Bowl LV proposition wagers highlighted

Millions of gridiron football fans around the world will undoubtedly be tuning in tomorrow night to watch all of the action as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers go up against the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV.

Although most online sportsbooks are offering a plethora of markets on almost every aspect of this National Football League (NFL) championship contest, some others are reportedly opting for more unique routes with proposition wagers on markets as wacky as the length of the pre-game national anthem alongside an over/under on how many television advertisements broadcast during the match will feature a dog.

Sweatband suggestion:

These were just two of the 17 more unique proposition bets highlighted by the news domain at on Wednesday as American football fans prepare to watch the ‘Chiefs’ and the ‘Bucs’ battle it out at the latter’s Raymond James Stadium. Other less traditional wagers purportedly involve whether anthem singer Eric Church will be wearing a leather jacket, the color of the headband being sported by star quarterback Patrick Mahomes (pictured) and if the broadcast will have any commercials for a Star Wars film.

Anthem abilities:

The singing of the national anthem seems to be a popular focus as the source also reportedly found sites offering odds on who will sing t 7BALL he last note of the tune penned by Francis Scott Key and whether any of the scoring drives from Sunday night will take less time to complete. There are purportedly also even more bizarre bets on which coach’s nostrils will be the first to feature in the broadcast, will the spread or total of the game be mentioned and how many times NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will be shown.

Half-time histrionics:

American broadcasts of Super Bowl LV are reportedly due to be fronted by NFL analysts Jim Nantz and Tony Romo with sportsbetting aficionados reportedly furthermore able to find odds on whether this latter expert will correctly predict one of the game’s offensive plays. Markets on what color liquid will be poured on the winning coach and what is to be the first song performed by half-time entertainer The Weeknd are likewise purportedly available as are bets on the shade of the Canadian singer’s jacket and whether he will be sporting gloves or head bandages.

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