WWE Female Star Sonya Deville Arrested in Atlantic City for Gun Possession

The original reporting was done by TMZ which detailed the incident, citing Atlantic City police sources. According to the media, the WWE star did not specifically break any laws in theory. She did have a valid permit for the weapon and produced it when asked by the police.

However, there was a rub – the permit was not valid in New Jersey, which prompted authorities to take the 29-year-old female wrestler into custody. Deville had owned a gun ever since when a man tried to kidnap her in 2020. She was attacked in her home at the time and registered gun ownership shortly after the incident.

Deville Had a Permit That Wasn’t Valid in New Jersey

The permit though is valid in Florida where Berenato lives. The police had not been too harsh against her, the report suggests, releasing her shortly after, as she awaits summons this month. Her trip to Atlantic City, though, has been mired by the accident. More rumors have circulated that Berenato was travelling to celebrate her engagement to Toni Cassano, a popular fitness model, as per a report by Wrestling Inc.

Berenato herself is an icon within the WWE community, as she has advocated for broader acceptance of LGBT people in the competition and the abolishment of any lingering stigma that may still seep through the organization. She has taken up the role of an openly gay female wrestler and has championed gay rights bet646 passionately.

Meanwhile, Berenato has preferred to remain silent about the incident and has not commented on the report. Apart from appearing in court at some point later this month, the WWE star will also be coming to Madison Square Garden in New York on March 12 where she will face off with Charlotte Flair.

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