Zitro Arrives on Swedish Market with Casino Cosmopol

Zitro is delivering its Colossus Fire slot game at the Casino Cosmopol-operated property located in Sweden, which is a state-owned gambling venue. The slot is powered by innovative and cutting-edge technology that makes the gameplay unparalleled and highly rewarding, guaranteeing players a lot of fun as they try the land-based options.

Zitro Makes Swedish Debut with Colossus Fire Slot

Colossus Fire comes with two scalable and independent progressive levels, with the values changing based on how much the player is willing to bet.

The game focuses on thrilling gameplay that will offer players explosive wins and a chance to add large prizes and rewards. The new game was welcomed by Casino Cosmopol gaming specialist Erik Söber who confirmed that the company was very happy to see Colossus Fire become a part of the casino’s offer:

The game’s unique design and visually stunning graphics stands out on our casino floor, and we believe it will ufa365 appeal to both experienced and new players.

Casino Cosmopol gaming specialist Erik Söber

Zitro EMEA director Nadege Teyssedre was similarly pleased with the development, welcoming the chance to see yet another slot machine supplier join the gaming floor at Casino Cosmopol. The new partnership is doubly important, argues Teyssedre, as it also allows for the slot to debut on the market:

Introducing Colossus Fire to the Swedish market is an exciting opportunity for us to showcase our commitment to providing new and exceptional gaming experiences.

Zitro EMEA director Nadege Teyssedre

The director of EMEA was similarly confident in the success of the new game and its innovative design that brings a ton of fresh features that players locally would definitely appreciate.

The partnership was struck with an important property in the country as Zitro is determined to make this launch a success. Casino Cosmopol makes for the right springboard to introduce more content to the Swedish gaming market in the coming months and satisfy local customers’ preferences.

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Zitro has been active all over the globe, with the manufacturer of slot games and dedicated cabinets to support those games expanding globally. The company has been doubling down on its presence in the United States, most recently teaming up with KGM to become the official distributor of its casino equipment and systems in several states, including New York and Connecticut.